• Housing Finance
  • Individuals with regular and independent source of income from Trade/ Business/ Profession/Employment.
  • Construction of new house & expansion/addition to existing house.
  • Purchase of flat / house from Public Housing Agencies / Registered / Reputed Builders.
  • Purchase of old houses (not more than 25 years old) from third parties in approved layouts.
  • Repair and Renovation of existing residential House.
  • Maximum Term Loan under the scheme is 80% of the cost of estimate in case of new construction subject to an upper ceiling of ₹ 1 crore.
  • For up-gradation / repair / remodeling of existing house is concerned, maximum Term Loan is 80% of the cost of up-gradation / improvement subject to a ceiling of ₹ 20 lacs.
  • Margin is minimum 20% of cost of construction / cost of house / cost of up-gradation /improvement.
  • Bank’s Mortgage Charge on land and Building as prime security.
  • No liquid collaterals required.
  • Maximum 360 EMIs.
Holiday Period
  • 18 months.
Rate of Interest
  • Starting at Minimum 9% *
  • Building plan in borrower’s name duly approved by competent local authority.
For further details, contact the nearest Branch.