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Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS)
  • To promote setting up of modern dairy farms for production of clean milk.
  • To encourage heifer calf rearing thereby conserve good breeding stock
  • To bring structural changes in the unorganized sector so that initial processing of milk can be taken up at the village level itself.
  • To bring about upgradation of quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale
  • To generate self-employment and provide infrastructure mainly for unorganized sector
  • Farmers, Individual Entrepreneurs and SHGs .
  • Establishment of dairy product transportation facilities and cold chain, Cold storage facilities for milk and milk products, Purchase of diary processing equipment for manufacture of indigenous milk products, Dairy marketing outlet / Dairy parlour .
  • Maximum Rs.30 lacs
  • Minimum 10 % of the outlay (Project cost).
 Security :
  • Bank’s charge on the assets created out of loan. Adequate Collateral security for loans above Rs100000/-.
 Repayment :
  • Maximum 3 Years.
 Holiday Period :
  • Holiday period of 3 to 6 months in case of dairy farming and 3 years for calf rearing units .
 Rate of Interest :
  • 50 basis points less than BPLR (Present BPLR 14.25%).
 Remarks :
  • The subsidy under DEDS is back ended with minimum lock-in period of 3 years.
* For Form goto Forms Downlod dection .For further details, contact the nearest Branch .