WesternUnion Money Transfer

  • Money transfer service is available to facilitate personal remittance from non-residents across the world to resident accounts of our locality through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER remittances in our 53 nos. of selected branches as per list enclosed.
  Salient Features:

 The remitter shall use Western Union Financial Services (WUFS) agent in his country to remit the amount along with the applicable charges in the necessary application form.
 The remitter is provided with a 10 digits Money Transfer Control Number and he has to inform the number and remittance details to the beneficiary.
 Beneficiary need not be a customer of our Bank, he or she may be a walk in customer.
 The beneficiary has the option of drawing of the amount in any of the selected branches of Odisha Gramya Bank.
 Beneficiary should accompany with his valid photo identity proof and address proof at the time of withdrawal of the remittance from the selected branch.
 Beneficiary has to fill the applicable form and submit along with his identity proof and address proof for withdrawal of the remittance amount.
 No charges shall be collected from the beneficiary at the time of payment.
  RBI Regulations

 Only personal remittances such as remittances towards family maintenance and remittances favoring foreign tourists visiting India are permissible under this arrangement. Trade related remittances, remittances towards purchase of property, investments or credit to NRE/FCNR accounts etc. or donations/ contributions to charitable organizations are not permitted to be routed through this scheme.
 Any single remittance under the scheme shall not exceed US$ 2500/- or its equivalent.
 Not more than 12 remittances shall be received by a single recipient in a year.
 All payments exceeding `50000/- should be paid only by the way of DD in case of non-customers or direct credit to the account of the recipient.
Money transfer service is available to facilitate personal remittance from non-residents across the world to resident accounts of our locality through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER remittances in our 53 nos. of selected branches as per list enclosed.
Sl No Branch Name Address State Pincode
1 Astaranga AT/PO-Astaranga, Dist-Puri Odisha 752109
2 Kakatpur AT/PO-Kakatpur, Dist-Puri Odisha 752118
3 Lataharan AT/PO-Lataharan, Dist-Puri Odisha 752119
4 Mangalpur AT/PO-Mangalpur,Via-Pipli, Dist-Puri Odisha 752104
5 Nimapara AT/PO-Nimapara, Dist-Puri Odisha 752106
6 Puri AT-Grand Road, Dist-Puri Odisha 752001
7 Rench-khelar AT-Rench Khelar,PO/Via-Renchpuri, Dist-Puri Odisha 752114
8 Sakhigopal AT/PO-Sakhigopal, Dist-Puri Odisha 752014
9 Unit-1 Mkt. AT-Unit-I Mkt.,PO-Ashok Nagar,Via-BBSR Odisha 751009
10 Balugaon (K) AT-Chilika Road,PO-Balugaon, Dist-Khurda Odisha 752030
11 Banpur AT/PO-Banapur, Dist-Khurda Odisha 752031
12 Dumduma Plot No-1229,Ph-II,AT/PO-Dumuduma H.B Colony Odisha 751019
13 Gambharimunda AT/PO - Gambharimunda Odisha 752035
14 Jatani AT-Nangalia Complex, Main Road, Jatni Odisha 752050
15 Nairi AT/PO-Nairi, Dist-Khurda Odisha 752029
16 Patia Chhak AT-Patia Chhak, Plot No.394/395, PO-Patia Odisha 751031
17 Bahugram AT/PO-Bahugram, Dist-Cuttack Odisha 754200
18 Cuttack AT-Badambadi, PO-Telenga Bazar, Dist-Cuttack Odisha 754009
19 Niali AT/PO-Niali, Dist-Cuttack Odisha 754004
20 Salipur AT/PO-Salipur, Dist-Cuttack Odisha 754202
21 Nischantakoili AT/PO-Niscintakoili, Dist-Cuttack Odisha 754207
22 Baliahat AT-Baliahat, PO/Via-Anakhia, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754152
23 Jagannathpur AT-Jagannathpur, PO-Tiran, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754138
24 Kanakpur AT/PO/Via-Kanakpur, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754236
25 Tarapur AT/PO-Tarapur, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754133
26 Tarikunda AT/PO-Tarikunda, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754115
27 Balikuda AT-Balikuda Chhak, Balikuda, PO/Via-Gopalpur Odisha 753011
28 Jagatsinghpur AT- BADABAZAR, Dist-Jagatsinghpur Odisha 754103
29 Balia AT/PO-Balia, Block-Bari Odisha 755025
30 Barimount AT-Bareemount, PO-Baree, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755003
31 Bramhabarada AT/PO-Brahamabarada, Via-Kabirpur, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755005
32 Gopalpur AT-Gopalpur, PO-Kalashree, Via-Charinangal Odisha 754292
33 Korei AT/PO-Korei, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755022
34 Kuakhia AT-Kuakhia, PO-Rasulpur, Via-Kabirpur Odisha 755034
35 Singhpur AT/PO/Via-Singhpur, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755016
36 Chandikhol KC Market Complex, AT-Chandikhole, PO-Sunguda Odisha 754296
37 Jaraka AT-Biraja Market Complex, PO-Jaraka Odisha 755050
38 Binjharpur AT/PO-Binjharpur, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755050
39 Mangalpur AT/PO-Mangalpur, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755011
40 Haripur hat AT/PO-Haripurhat, Dist-Jajpur Odisha 755009
41 Aul AT/PO-Aul, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754219
42 Chaudakulata AT/PO-Chaudkulat, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754222
43 Garapur AT-Garapur, PO-Kapleswar, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754211
44 Indupur AT/PO/Via-Indupur, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754214
45 Jadupur AT-Jadupur, PO-Jadupur, Via-Marshaghai Odisha 754213
46 Mehendipur AT-Mehendipur, PO-Bharatpur, Via-Kendrapada Odisha 754211
47 Patkura AT/PO/Via-Patkura, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754228
48 Pattamundai AT/PO-Pattamundai, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754215
49 Rajnagar AT/PO/Via-Rajnagar, Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754225
50 Tinimuhani AT/PO-Tinimuhani, Via/Dist-Kendrapada Odisha 754211
51 Soro AT/PO-Soro, Dist-Balasore Odisha 756045
52 Chandabali AT/PO-Chandabali Odisha 756133
53 Dhamnagar AT/PO-Dhamnagar, Dist-Bhadrak Odisha 756133