To cater supplementary credit to the unreached poor in rural areas like landless agricultural labourers, rural poor, women.
  • For a SHG to be eligible for the Bank linkage are:- • The SHG should be in active existence at least since last six months as per books of account of SHGs and not from the date of opening of SB account, • The SHG should be practicing ‘Panchasutra’ i.e. regular meetings; regular savings; regular inter-loaning; timely repayment; and Up-to-date books of accounts. • The SHGs should be democratic in its working, wherein all members feel that they have an equal say and it should be evident. • The SHG should be in the habit of maintaining proper accounts and records • The SHG should not be in existence only for availing the benefits of loan and it should have genuine objective to help each other and to work together for the common benefits of its members • All the members of the SHG should preferably be from homogeneous background and interest. • The SHG should qualify in the grading norm fixed by NABARD • The existing defunct SHGs are also eligible for credit if they are revived and continue to be active for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • (a) Income generation activities.
    (b) Social needs like housing, education, marriage.
    (c) Debt swapping, etc
  • As per the operational guidelines of NABARD, SHGs may be sanctioned savings linked loans by banks varying from a saving to loan ratio of 1:1 to 1:4. However, in case of matured SHGs, loans may be given beyond the limit of four times of the savings on the discretion of the bank.
  • No Collateral Security / Margin should be insisted for aggregate loan / limit to the group up to Rs 10.00 lacs. However prime security of assets created out of the loans /limits granted to SHGs and personal guarantee of all office bearers of the SHG should be insisted irrespective of amount of loan.
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