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 Regular Savings Deposit
  Who can open

  • Savings Bank Account can also be opened by a minor jointly with natural guardian or with mother as the guardian (Status: known as Minor's Account). Literate Minors above the age of 10 will also be allowed to open and operate saving bank account independently. The Savings Bank Account opened by minor jointly with natural guardian / guardian can be operated by natural guardian only.
  Cheque Facility   

  • Yes.
  Minimum balance

  • Saving (With Cheque Facility) :Rs 500 ( Rural Branches) ,Rs 1000 ( Other Branches)

  • Saving (Without Cheque Facility):Rs 200 ( Rural Branches) ,Rs 500 ( Other Branches)
  Interest Payable
4.00 % p.a. 
  Deposits to the account

Can be made from any branch of Odisha Gramya Bank

Payable as per the poicy .
For further details, contact the nearest Branch