Rate of Interest on Loans and Advances


Sl.NO Loan Type Sub Type Schemes Covered SLAB RoI (%)
Scheme1 Scheme2
A. Agriculture- loans (For crop production)    
1   OGBKCC Upto Rs. 3 lakh
Above Rs. 3 lakh
B. Agricultural term loans (Investment and allied activites)    
      Farm Mechanisation, Minor Irrigation, Land Development, Plantation, Fisheries, Allied Activities, Others , Rural godown Irrespective of the Amount
C. Solar home lighting(JNNSM) Irrespective of the Amount
D. Trade Loans    
1   Retail Gem Upto
2   OGB Easy Trade Finance Upto
3   OGB Smart Trade Finance Upto
E.OGB Two Wheeler loans    
F.OGB Car loans    
G. OGB Commercial Vehicle loans    
H. Educational loans (GYANALOK)    
    Upto Rs. 750000
Above Rs. 750000
I. SHG Direct to Group . Irrespective of the Amount
Irrespective of the Amount
K. OGB Housing Finance    
L. OGB Dairy Enterpreneurship Development Scheme    
M. Promotion of Dairy Enterpreneurship Development    
N. Rural transport Connectivity Scheme    
O. OGB Rent Plus    

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