OGB Farmers' Club


The Farmers’ Club program is one of the major institutional  development initiatives of NABARD aiming at strengthening the gross root level  Rural Financial Institutions. NABARD launched the program way back in 1983.

The functioning of the Farmer Clubs is monitored and guided by the Farmers Club Development Cell constituted by Head Office. The Cell is giving focused attention for active existence of Farmer Clubs, through various extension activities organized at field level in co-ordination with developmental agencies and Branches .As a part of its developmental initiatives NABARD conceived  an informal forum of progressive villagers who have successfully followed  principles of development through credit, with objective of propagating these  principles among villagers.              

The Farmers’ Clubs act as catalysts in rural areas that not  only transform the rural communities but also assist Rural Financial  Institutions. The members of the Farmers’ Clubs are non defaulting borrowers  among the local villagers.The Farmers’ Clubs, ,apart from disseminating the 5 principles of lending ,have been playing pivotal role in creating awareness among the people in the Rural areas. They have volunteered to disseminate the principles  of “Development through Credit”, inculcate repayment ethics and promote  people’s participation, which are the core objectives of Farmers’ Club Program.  People’s participation enables them to gain access to better services and  broader range of opportunities in the villages.              


  1. Credit must be used in accordance with the most suitable methods of Science and Technology.               
  2. The terms and conditions of Credit must be fully respected.               
  3. Work must be done with skill so as to increase productivity and income.               
  4. A part of the additional income created by Credit must be saved.               
  5. Loan installments must be repaid in time and regularly so as to recycle Credit.          

The major roles :                     

  • To meet at regular intervals to discover /  identify the Credit and Non Credit needs of the farmers and fellow villagers.               
  • Socio Economic development of the villages.                
  • To assist the Bank in preparing Credit plans,  Deposits mobilization, Recovery etc.               
  • Collective approach for commercial transactions, Net working with the value chain and financial inclusion.               
  • To promote peoples participation in the process  of development.               
  • To improve the existing infrastructure and make  an effort to create forward and backward linkages with the help of agencies  concerned. These activities help to establish a direct linkage between  repayments on one hand and credit delivery on the other.                
  • Bringing about attitudinal changes among the  borrowers for their own good.                
  • Capital formation by increasing production & productivity.                
  • Playing a role of a catalyst in the overall  development of the village.               
  • To motivate the villagers for proper use of  credit and timely and proper repayment of Bank Credit.               
  • To motivate the villagers to save additional  income with Banks and also help Banks and other agencies in promoting Self Help  Groups (SHGs).